Banner image: Dorothy McGuinness, Displacement

2017 Art Exhibitions:

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Interwoven: Art Meets Nature
June 25 – September 6

Artist Reception: June 25, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

This contemporary fiber exhibition is curated by Marcia Young, publisher of Fiber Art now, a fiber art periodical and community that explores the wide breath of fiber as an artistic medium. The show of virtuoso works by national artists includes nearly every form of fiber art, including weaving, felting, tapestry, needlework, basketry, handmade paper, silk painting, and book arts. Interwoven: Art Meets Nature will connect the natural world with the materials and techniques that are so familiar to all of us, in an engaging, nature-based show of contemporary fiber art and textiles. 

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Once Upon a Quilt: 3-D Quilts by Dominique Ehrmann
June 10 – September 4

Artist Reception: June 25, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Artist Gallery Talk: June 25, 10:30 – 11:30 am
Come by to watch Dominique demonstrate her techniques

Known for her imaginative and whimsical quilts, Dominique Ehrmann pushes the boundaries of contemporary fiber arts by using traditional techniques to create quilts with multidimensional layers and kinetic structures.  Inspired by children’s pop-up books, cartoons, and particularly her love of nature, she has invented a new form of fiber art.  A native of Quebec, Dominique will travel to Falmouth for Highfield’s June 25 Open House to demonstrate her solar powered sewing machine and explain her innovative techniques.

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Art From Artifacts:
Artwork Inspired by a Presidential Home
June 19 – July 31

This exhibition highlights the works of five artists who participated in a special art exhibition and fundraiser to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the birth of John F. Kennedy The project was organized by the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum, with project assistance provided by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce. The artists are Richard Neal, Carl Lopes, Jackie Reeves, Lauren Wolk, Joe Diggs and Mike Wright.

The materials used to create the artworks were salvaged from renovations on the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, the summer home of the Present and his wife Jackie Kennedy. Regional artists were invited to select objects that intrigued them and asked to create an artwork based on their inspiration.  The works on view at Highfield include structural elements such as bathroom windows, bookshelves, shingles and wooden columns. Additional works in the series are on view at the Cotuit Center for the Arts.  Kennedy believed that “If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.”

Storybook Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall & Gardens
June 25 – September 4

Thank you to Rockland Trust

Artist Reception: June 25, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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Much to the delight of visitors young and old, fairy houses will reappear in the mansion, the manicured gardens and wooded walkways of Highfield Hall & Gardens this summer for our third biennial show. Our artists have created brand new houses inspired by one of their favorite storybooks – some will be well known, others a delightful surprise.  Fairy maps will be available with museum entry and visitors are invited to see and read the books in a cozy family reading nook in Highfield’s education room. This exhibition of 25 miniature masterpieces is destined to be one of the highlights of the season.


The Artist and the Garden: Works by Andrea Moore
September 1 – October 31

Artist Reception: September 10, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Conversations of Beauty: Works by Members of The Printmakers of Cape Cod
September 8 – October 31

Artist Reception: September 10, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Journey in Watercolor: The Art of Deena Gu
September 8 – October 31

Artist Reception: September 10, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

People Looking Art Paintings: New Works by San Lyman
September 8 – October 31

Artist Reception: September 10, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Woods Hole artist San Lyman presents a new series of oil paintings that depict images of people looking at artworks, many of them very famous, in museums in New York City.  The works reflect her direct observations as well as photographs she takes on site.  The viewer’s reactions of shock, delight, amazement and perplexity uniquely inspire each painting.  San’s primary observation, however, is that they all seem transformed by the experience and she seeks to capture their expression on canvas.

Around The House and In The Gardens - Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall!

Alfie Glover_ spiritns in garden

The Spirits of the Garden by Alfred Glover

The life that inhabits the branches of the tree is protected and watched over by spiritual entities, fairies, angels, good doer. So the tree represents the portals and passageways between the spiritual, and the living.These sprites are represented by the glass inserts in some of the branches! These spirits often seek the cover of trees and wooded areas.   They are sometimes mistaken for lightning bugs, or even shooting stars! They can be found wherever life exists!


Thrown Rope by Peter Hutchinson

Hibernating for the winter, coming back in the spring.


Untitled by Matt Inman

Artist Statement: I feel like I am the best version of myself when I am working outside in nature creating with me hands.  I was inspired by some photos that I saw about environmental art and wanted the opportunity and challenge of creating something truly artistic.


Fragment House by Danielle Krcmar

Danielle currently serves as Artist in Residence at Babson College and has exhibited widely in the New England area.  Her extraordinary sculpture, Fragment House, is the first interactive, environmental artwork that has graced the lawns of Highfield Hall & Gardens. It calls attention to Beebe Woods as the backdrop for Highfield Hall and the domestic components of Highfield’s archtecture and history.


A Wind in the Door by Angela Tanner

Hibernating for the winter, coming back in the spring.

A fairy tale gate that announces the presence of things unseen. When open, it allows humans and other earthly creatures to pass. When closed, fairies, spirits, and other wind-borne creatures can still move through it, and the sounds of the gate panels are the only evidence that they were here at all. The gate is not only inspired by things that dwell in Beebe Woods, but also by the fantastical creatures in some of the artist’s favorite childhood stories. Books are portals to the imagination, and their pages are passageways to other realms. The panels of this gate are filled with illustrations of benevolent creatures that have transported the storybook characters to other places or have transformed them in some way.

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